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How to Use Sympl

With sympl you can buy now and pay later with your debit or credit card with 0% interest. Pay later without any application process nor documents required with no hidden interest on your purchase.


All you need is to enter your Egyptian debit or credit card and your ID card to use Sympl.


Add the item you want to your cart, select Sypml on your checkout and get an instant approval decision.


Sympl is always zero interest when you pay on time.


Split your purchase into 5 interest free installment and pay the required down payment (if any).

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of information is needed to use Sympl ?

When making a purchase using Sympl, we ask you to provide your card details, mobile number, and National ID card number.

Do I need to pay a down payment or any fees to use Sympl ?

We can require a minimum down payment upon checkout, and in this case the customer has to pay the down payment with his bank card in order to complete the transaction in addition to paying the one-time service fee using his bank card.

How do I pay the down payment and service fee ?

The down payment and service fee get deducted from the bank card used during purchase.

At which countries is Sympl service available ?

Currently, Sympl is only available in Egypt.

Can I use a non-Egyptian bank card with Sympl ?

No, we only accept Egyptian bank cards.

Where can I use Sympl ?

You can use Sympl during checkout after selecting your item.

Why is my bank card rejected from Sympl ?

Below are the common reasons why some cards get rejected from Sympl:
1 – The card balance does not cover the full transaction amount.
2 – The card’s expiry date is in less than 7 months from purchase date.
3 – The card does not meet Sympl’s terms and conditions.

How do I shop with Sympl ?

Shopping with Sympl is simple:
1 – Go to and select the item you want to purchase choose to pay later with Sympl as a payment method.
2 – Enter your card details, mobile number, and National ID card number.
3 – Choose your payment plan on 3, 4 or 5 payments every week, every two weeks or every month and pay the required down payment (if any) and the one-time service fee with your bank card. That’s it! Your purchase is done in less than 10 seconds and you will receive a confirmation SMS with a link to download the app to view your transaction details and track your payments.

Do I need to have the full transaction amount on the card ?

Yes, the bank card balance needs to cover the full transaction amount at the time of purchase.

Does Sympl make a hold on the card with the full transaction amount ?

No, we do not hold the full transaction amount on the card, however the customer needs to ensure that his card balance covers his full transaction amount.

Is there anything I am required to do after the transaction is successful ?

No, nothing is required. You will just receive a confirmation SMS with a link to download the app and view your transaction details, track your payments, and stay updated with our offers and new partners.

How do I pay my due payments ?

You do not need to make any effort because the payments get automatically deducted on their due dates from the bank card saved during purchase. We also send payment reminder SMS before deducting the payment from your card. If we fail to automatically deduct the payment from the card, the customer can use Sympl’s mobile app to pay online using any other bank card or cash through our partnered cash collection portals.

How do I know the due dates of my payments ?

Download Sympl mobile app and log in to your account to check your transaction details and your payment due dates.

What happens if I miss a due payment ?

A late fee will apply on every late payment and in case of late payments and/or irregularity in re-payment, the company has the right to deduct the total remaining dues related to the transaction without a prior notice to the customer.

Can I make an early settlement ?

Yes, you can settle early at any time through Sympl’s mobile app after paying the remaining payments with your bank card.

Can I pay a payment before its due date ?

No, this feature is currently not available.

How do I make a return/exchange with Sympl ?

Any return/exchange for a Sympl transaction is processed according to marcqa refund and exchange policy so you need to contact us at and request the refund/exchange.

What happens if I make a refund ?

The down payment is refunded to your bank card used during purchase. The service fee is refunded in case the refund took place within 72 hours from purchase date.
Please spend responsibly. Borrowing more than you can afford could seriously affect your financial status. Make sure you can afford your monthly repayments on time. For any more info just reach out at for better explanation.