Here’s how it works


Choose Tabby at checkout.


Link any debit or credit card and get instant approval


Tabby will remind you when it’s time to pay

Making upcoming payments

The best way to track your purchases and upcoming bills is by getting the Tabby app.

When you use Visa and Mastercard cards to shop with Tabby, your payments are automatically charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tabby really free?

Tabby really is free! Tabby does not charge interest or fees on any payments that are made on time.

Is there a limit to how much I can spend with Tabby?

There is no fixed limit for how much you can spend with Tabby. The approval decision when shopping with Tabby can depend on the following:

– Your payment history with Tabby.
– Your remaining balance and unpaid orders with Tabby.
– The purchase amount of your shopping basket.
– Other factors to determine approvals which Tabby is unable to reveal due to security reasons.

How do I make a payment?

The quickest and easiest way to make payments and check the status of your payments is on [Tabby’s app.](

When you use Visa and Mastercard cards to shop with Tabby, your payments are automatically charged based on a payment schedule shown at the time of purchase. Once you’ve successfully made a purchase with Tabby, you will receive an email with your payment schedule for your reference. Tabby will also send you reminders of upcoming payments.

Tabby accepts all major debit and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa). Prepaid cards are not accepted.

Having trouble paying for your order with Tabby?

Tabby does not approve 100% of all orders as we are committed to supporting responsible shopping habits. We understand that it can be frustrating to be declined a purchase after being approved in the past. Tabby uses different factors to determine whether orders are approved and your spending limit may vary based on the store where you are shopping. Tabby’s Customer Service team is not able to change the automated outcome of the approval decision.

**How can I increase my chances of getting approved?**

– A good payment history with Tabby can improve your chances of being approved for more purchases as well as how long you’ve been using Tabby to shop.
– If you have negative balances on unpaid purchases, it might help to pay them off to possibly increase your approval chances.
– The total amount in the shopping cart may be too high, so try to remove an item(s) and try again.
– Make sure you have only one Tabby account created.

Every time you use Tabby we make a new decision. If your purchase was declined previously that does not mean that your future purchases will continue to do so. You can always try paying with Tabby again.

How does Tabby’s split in 4 work?

Tabby lets you split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments with no fees. Here’s how it works:

1. Choose Tabby at checkout
2. Link any debit or credit card and get an instant approval
3. Pay only 25% of the purchase upfront and Tabby will remind you about the rest.

Can I pay before the due date?

If you want to make an earlier payment, log in online or get the app and select the order you want to settle and then choose ‘Manage order’. There are no fees when you pay off your balance early.

You can also view your statement, make payments, and manage your account by logging in online or using the Tabby app.

Follow the steps below to make a payment:

– Log in to [the app]( or [](
– Select the ‘My Payments’ tab
– Choose the order you want to pay for or pay your total remaining balance
– Follow the prompts to submit your payment and make sure to use the correct payment details when making a payment to avoid any errors

Can I change the card used to make payment?

You can change cards and manage your account by [logging in online]( or using the [Tabby app](

**Follow the steps below to make a payment:**

– Log in to [the app]( or [](
– Select the ‘My Payments’ tab
– Select ‘Change card’, then enter your new card details

How will I know when I need to pay?

After receiving your order, Tabby will let you know by email and SMS when your payment is due. You can also see all your upcoming due payments in your Tabby account on [the app]( or [](

The payment is due, but I haven’t received my order.

If you haven’t received your order, kindly do the following and Tabby will adjust your account to ensure that you won’t need to make any payments until the issue is resolved.

1. **Track your delivery: Use the tracking number provided by `[merchant]` for updates on your order’s estimated delivery date.**
2. **Contact `[merchant]` if no shipping information is available or your delivery is delayed, please contact `[merchant]` directly.**
3. **Let Tabby know you haven’t received your order**
– Login to your account on [Tabby’s app.](
– Tap on the ‘My payments’ tab.
– Find and tap the order you haven’t received.
– Tap ‘Need help with your order?’
– Choose ‘My order is not delivered’ and contact Tabby.

Are there any costs if I don’t pay on time? What happens if I miss a payment?

Tabby is committed to responsible spending which is why every purchase is carefully considered before approvals. You will receive regular reminders before any due payments to avoid missing them. If Tabby is unable to collect payments on the scheduled day, you will no longer be able to make purchases with Tabby until dues are paid.

Tabby charges a first collection charge of 50 EGP one day after a payment is due. If, after two weeks, you have not repaid, a second collection charge of 100 EGP is applied.

How can I get a refund?

All refunds will be issued according to the `[merchant]`’s policy for returns and cancellations. Once `[merchant]` has registered your return or cancellation with Tabby, your refund will be processed. Here’s what you can expect with your refund:

– If the refunded amount is less than the remaining payments, then the remaining payments will be adjusted against accordingly.
– If the refunded amount is more than the remaining payments, then the remaining payments will be cancelled and the rest will be refunded.

Does Tabby have customer support?

For all your customer support questions about Tabby, you can visit Tabby’s helpcenter.

How does Tabby make money?

Tabby doesn’t charge interest or fees to shoppers. Retailers pay Tabby so they can bring their customers an unparalleled shopping experience.
Please spend responsibly. Borrowing more than you can afford could seriously affect your financial status. Make sure you can afford your monthly repayments on time. For any more info just reach out at for better explanation.